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As the title of our website is already saying, we will be giving here Blogging Content Ideas for free away.

What is now a blogging content idea ? Simple. When you start with blogging you actual need a good subject to start with it. And that is the IDEA that you need. For example this website. We started with writing ideas for blogging and we get visitors who are looking for ideas. In this category we will start writing about ideas that you can use. But we would love to see your responses of our ideas. And if you have new ideas, then tell them. Hope you like the setup of our website.


A little history of our website.

When you type in those 3 words (Blogging Content Ideas) in Google, you get at the moment that I write this (21 July 2015- 21.400.000 results) Now, while editing 23,800,000 on 14 September 2015) . In other words, it is a pretty hot item for people to look for.  Content  and Ideas are always needed to create a blog.
A lot of people start with writing in there own blog, but have after a while no idea anymore what to write about. For me it is otherwise around 🙂 I have so many ideas that I actual do NOT have the time for it to create a blog for it, and to write all down.

And that is why, when I did see this domain name for the first time, that I was thinking. This is something for me. I can write whatever I think of to create a blog about, and let others use it to actual create a blog.

And that is how this blog got started.

I need now to check all the information that I have and place it in this blog. I will also place soon all kind of copyright free content here online.

Maybe you can use it for something.

Soon more. Keep coming back to the website for the latest news.